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AQUA - is an exciting and unusual world: underwater sceneries and its inhabitants, the nature charming by its exotic beauty, adventures, diving, serf-riding, underwater hunting, the mysteries of the World Ocean and many-many other things. AQUA - is a magazine for true connoisseurs of artistic photography and exciting extreme as well as for ordinary lovers of flora and fauna, for professional divers and beginners, who are going to plunge into this exciting world of underwater adventures.

Distribution of AQUA magazine
(subscription, sales, special distribution)

- Ukraine and the cities of the Union of Independent States: the stalls of Souyzpechat and individual distributors.
- in the networks of business centers and big supermarkets in Kiev.
- in networks of dive-clubs around Ukraine.
- on plain boards of airlines "International Ukrainian Airlines", "Malev", "Turkish Airlines", "Aerostar", "ARP-410".

Besides, № 5 of AQUA magazine will be published in two languages: Russian and French and will be distributed in France during the 30th World Festival of Underwater Pictures.

Periodicity of publication: 6 times per year
Drawing: 15 000
Format: Letter (215x280 mm)
Volume of edition: 96 pages + cover

The magazine is registered by State Committee of Television and Broadcasting Politics. The Certificate of registration: KB № 6591 from 09.10.2002.


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Our address:
Kominterna St., 12, of. 8, Kiev, 01032 Ukraine
t/f: +380 (44) 244-40-29, 244-37-97


AQUA 2003 4

Jacques Mayol's life.

Malakka - the beginning of the sea.

With what does the diving begin.

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