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AQUA 2003 4

Jacques Mayol's life

Vikings' descendants Jacques searched for points of contact. He asked himself: what there would be, if from his childhood a man was together with dolphins? If they played together in the sea? Then Mayol had a desire to leave on a coral island together with his family, to build a hut on a coast of a lagoon and to embody this dream into life. In several years of practice in Miami oceanarium, where Jacques has tried himself in all - he fished sharks and dolphins in the sea, "re-educated" and trained them, he even was engaged in advertising, and finally he has understood that nobody needs those relations which could exist between dolphins and people.

Malakka - the beginning of the sea

Forgotten paradise Paranja does not hide the women's faces, boys and girls study at schools in common. Christians, buddhists, hinduists and taosists are not constrained in any way here. The Law does not force to live according to the Shariat. It was so always: in Portuguese Malakka of the 16 century the Chinese market existed with the same success as the mosque or the church of Saint-Paul. But the law does not accept those infrigements which are punished softly in Europe: you will be put into prison for petty larceny, you will be condemned to death for storage of more than 10 grammes of marihuana.

With what does the diving begin

Revelation of the Andre Laban The program intended for one day is successfully entered not only in the supported by PADI concept "Do the immersion today" but also in the intensive working schedule or a short-term resort rest. That the meeting with underwater world was pleasant and was remembered for a long time, it should be done under the direction of a skilled professional in the suitable conditions. The last statement does not exclude from the list of possible places of realization of this program open water areas and seas, provided that before the immersion the beginner will be acquainted with equipment, will be told about the principles of his work and will be explained what it is necessary to do and what for.

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