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AQUA 2003 3

Vikings' descendants

Vikings' descendants Suddenly, in five meters, the stop. Gunnar is hanging and waiting. Nothing happens. Minutes are passing, the air is over. Despaired of waiting he began to climb on the rope to the top with the 30th kilograms' weight. It seems that now the veins on his forehead will burst, a little moment, and he will gasp. At last, broken out from the water, he took a breath! And he hanged by the rope flat-out. His friends, frightened, took him out on the deck: why did he climb, they would pull him out themselves, they simply decided to take a little rest, it's too difficult to pull out.

Forgotten paradise

Forgotten paradise Especially remain in the memory the meetings with fish-giants such as cramp-fish, napoleons, sharks of five kinds: sharks-whales, reef-sharks with dark feathers, reef-sharks with white feathers, shark-nurses and reef-sharks. Practically during each submersion the diver sees the life's panorama of gigantic inhabitants of Maldivian waters. At the bottom you will see over you the majestic cramp-fish and the sharks which are moving quickly and sometimes may swim too close by you.

Revelation of the participant of project "Precontinent-3" Andre Laban

Revelation of the Andre Laban If you look to the past, you may ask what will be the human beings in several million years. Would they become again water inhabitants? Could we really live under water in the nearest future? Even today there are people who live under water, there are crews of nuclear submarines. Yes, but why and at which cost? Concerning the development of offshore petrol fields, it's no worth to speak about it. It doesn't concern the tourism Besides, this is beyond everyone's pocket. In any case, I hope that in the nearest future we mustn't live under water because it will mean that the life on the Earth will become impossible.

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