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Mysteries of "Salem Express"

Mysteries of Salem Express In the evening of Dercember, 15, 1991 was a continuous cloudiness and hard precipitations, which is untypical for these places. On the way to the north we used the advantages of leeward cost to protect passengers. The ship approached to the Hidman reefs by midnight, and in these conditions it was impossible to make out reefs in the water. Salem Express stroke against the southest reef. It was hard sliding blow. The result was of two kinds. Firstly, the hull was broken through in the fore-part of starboard. Simultaneously, because of the push the hatch on the head was flipped and the water flooded the deck with machines. This double push was absolutely fatal, and when the enormous quantity of water gushed on the ship simultaneously from two sources, everything happened extremely quickly.

The Exclusive interview with
"The main sherp of Ukraine" Serguei Gutiev

Serguei Gutiev I want to live in the right way!
The impression of the first days is shock (one could not bring himself to name Bagmati a river within the bounds of the city, it is something average between public lavatory and rubbish heap), poverty, cripples and sick people on the streets, public cremations, the remains of dead bodies dropping down where new-borns and newly wedded are washed (again in Bagmati), sacrifices, people are washed and laundering on the streets

The second peace life of Swedish war ship Vassa

The time on the board was stopped on August, 10, 1928 at 5 a.m. When the ship was lifted, sailors' lockers were filled by provisions, clothes and small private things. The barrels with meat were in the hold, admiral table was in the cabin, a beautiful officers' tin service was on the board, bronze candlestick, lamps and... the cat of the ship.

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