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AQUA 2003 5

The Racks of the Black Sea.

One can divide shipwrecks into some groups according to the depth and the level of immersions' complication. It is conditionally, of course. The first group is above 15 meters. It comprises the ships sank near the coast, for example, the English steam-frigate of the time of the First Defence of Sebastopol, which is situated in the mouth of the river Kacha on the depth of 6 meters and the Soviet war transport "Uralles" sank on the depth of 14 meters near Evpatoria. The second group is above 15-30 meters. On this depth one can find such ships as German hunter for submarines UJ-102 (22 m), Roumanian war transport "Santa Fe" (23 m) ant transport "Volgo-Don" (30 m). The third group is above 30-50 meters. It is the most difficult level. Immersions need special training, for example the program TecDeep - PADI. The main objects of this level are: submarine of series M-12, situated on the depth of 43 meters, steamship "Tcessarevich Alexey" (50 m) near lighthouse Tarhankutsky and the Bulgarian war transport "Varna" (50 m) in the Golf Kalamitsky.

Underwater knife as a mean of surviving

Forgotten paradise Underwater knife is an indefeasible part of diving equipment. Figuratively speaking a diver can go on deep in only slips (or even without them), but he must have a knife if he esteems his life of course. Because, from ancient times the main destination of this object was to save the life of its owner. So, we have already understood that the knife is very necessary. The question is which of them is better to choose. Nowadays each specialized shop which sells underwater equipment as well as goods for sports and tourism, has a wide choice of diving knifes. That's why for beginners the problem of choice becomes agreeable. The hands are stretches out towards side-arms of incredible dimensions and the most terrifying forms in comparison with which their analogues from Hollywood block-busters seem like little saws for nails. Like during the holiday! But it is not worth forgetting that the knife is not only a prestigious toy for men but also a mean of surviving. So one must think a lot before choosing one of them.

Under full sail.

Lourence Cross, executive director of French Company Ocean Vision thinks that the moment when a lot of Ukrainian people could permit themselves a rest on the yachts will come soon. The most interesting is that it is true! Not only rich people can permit themselves the voyage on a beautiful sail in favorite waters. They have a lot of things to ponder over because the yachting in Ukraine is a new and a very perspective business. Lourence Cross talks us about the possibilities of this business.

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